Vladislav Delay and AGF

As one-half of Luomo, Vladislav Delay is best known for his micro-house tracks. The music on Explode, however, his collaboration with vocalist Antye Greie (AGF), sounds more akin to Brian Eno or David Sylvain. Like those artists, AGF and Delay steer clear of perfect software and sequenced looping and allow elements of chance and human error to disturb the music-making process. With only the most minimal of elements -- delicate sprechtstimme, disjointed electronic drum stabs, percussive scrapes, reverberation, and echo -- they create songs that feel as though they may dissolve at any minute. On "Causing A Taifun," subtle imperfections give the song a warm, woozy feeling. AGF's words encapsulate Explode's lasting impact: "Like a butterfly/Causing a taifun/By flapping its wings."


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