Following in the almost absurd tradition of Teflon-coated, press-shy android-funk duo Daft Punk, Frenchman Pascal Arbez-Nicolas has maintained an ambiguity in the press as he produces under the name Vitalic. Lurking in the shadows, however, has not diminished the profile of Vitalic's unrelenting electro-house singles (releases dating from 2001 to present, such as Poney Part 1, La Rock, and My Friend Dario). Like a collection of effusive Spirograph drawings, Vitalic's four-years-in-the-making full-length debut, OK Cowboy, balances concentric hand-etched analogue synth-pop anchors and Italo-disco's celestial drifts. Offering euphoria with a healthy peppering of paranoia, Vitalic bridges concrete beats and interstellar mystique throughout his electro-gigolo acid rock.


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