Miss you so damn bad, Rachel Goodrich.
Miss you so damn bad, Rachel Goodrich.

Video: Rachel Goodrich Premieres "Wereman" via Teen Vogue

Come back, Rachel Goodrich! Miami needs you. What can Los Angeles give you than Miami can't? Er, perhaps better industry connections and a milder climate. But the Magic City's constant state of fucked-up-ness makes for a gritty backdrop to your folksy demeanor. We miss you, Rachel.

Sigh ... Not helping our post breakup heartache are dispatches from Teen Vogue talking about how L.A. is already changing her sound. For proof, see the premiere of a new Goodrich track and video titled "Wereman."

The '60s surf rock-meets-psychedelia tune drips of West Coast influence -- and feels like someone is driving a stake right through our hearts.

Teen Vogue also adds that "Wereman" is the first glimpse of the follow up to her self-titled sophomore release. The new album is expected sometime in late 2011 or early 2012.

Yes, Miami, we might have lost her. But here's hoping she never forgets us. We'll never stop calling and hanging up, just hear her say, "Hello? If you keep calling me, I'm going to contact the police." 

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