Video: Miami All-Star Band, City of Progress, Rocks For Haiti

Look, we've never liked having to say this, but basically the Red Cross fucking sucks. They do a lot of shit, but certainly not as much as people believe, definitely not as much as they portray, and beyond a shadow of a doubt with the heavy burden of "administrative costs" lessening their ability to effect positive change with every cent dropped.

Invest your donation money wisely. Is Project Medishare any better? I medi-sure fucking hope so, because I just donated 10 bucks (you can pay as much or little as you want) to download the new track by a Miami all-star band dubbed City Of Progress. All download proceeds (barring "itunes processing fees") go to that organization. Click here to go to the download site.Here's a list of all the people who got together to make this track happen, after the jump.

Jan Sebon (Kazak International) - Haitian drums and percussion, vocals, poem.
Jude Papaloko Thegenus (Loray Mistik, Jakmel Art Gallery) - Haitian drums and percussion, vocals
Inez Sebon - (Kazak International) lead vocals
Le spam (Spam Allstars) - guitar, bass, production
Brian Robertson aka B Rob (Awesome New Republic) - organ
Cleaveland Jones - cavaquinho, backing vocals
Mark Kondrat (Locos Por Juana) - guitar
Juan Carlos Valdivia - violins
Sonya Feldman (Rumberos De La 8) - lead vocals
Nil Lara (Miami as Fuck) - Lead vocals
Itagui Correa (Locos Por Juana) - backing vocals
Raffa Jo Harris (Raffa and Rainer) - backing vocals
Rachel Goodrich - backing vocals
Jesse Jackson - backing vocals
Asuka Barden - backing vocals
Tomas Diaz (Spam Allstars) - backing vocals

AJ Hill (Spam Allstars) - backing vocals

Merecedes Abal (Spam Allstars) - backing vocals

Filmed by - Steve Yeomanson, Belinda Ho, Yussef Shaw, Le Spam, Juan Maristany

Animation and Editing - Juan Maristany


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