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VP's Reggae Gold 2002 compilation is a blend of all the right ingredients: a selective combination of powerful producers, talented artists, and radio-poised hits. "Give It to Her" by the talented team of Tanto Metro & Devonte strikes that perfect balance of party funk and soulful contamination. Devonte's heart-wrenching voice strikes at women while Tanto comes in and scoops everyone else into his sexual-predator lyrical kill. Produced by Jeremy Harding, the track is a testament to this producer's vast stylistic difference, helping to push dancehall to the next level. "Gimme the Light" by Sean Paul has finally taken off in America. Produced by the Miami-based Black Shadow Records, the riddim has a full-blooded get-your-butt-on-the-dance-floor vibe, all the while keeping the true components and sound of dancehall. Not only is Paul perfectly understandable for non-Caribbean fans, but he still flips the flavor for all hard-core dancehall enthusiasts.

TOK has shown some of the most breakthrough potential for worldwide audiences since Shaggy. The Tony "CD" Kelly-produced "Money 2 Burn" is a perfect demonstration of why. The group's harmonies coupled with the DJ abilities of Craigy-T and Bassie have this song instantly ingrained in the memory logs. TOK's infectious sound keeps you hitting rewind over and over again.

Both Mr. Vegas and Lexxus have had an assortment of pure dancehall hits, but teaming the two for the Fat Eyes-produced "Video Light" was sheer genius.

With so many powerful dancehall licks and several more melodic reggae songs, the whole album is something you can listen to from start to finish. No other compilation boasts as many top talents, both from the creative standpoint of riddim producers and the flowing deliveries from the talented crop of Jamaican talent captured here.


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