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London's cavernous, genre-bending nightclub Fabric continues its FabricLive mix series with a jaunty set of electro and techno curated by veteran UK electronic band Death in Vegas. While many collections of this genre often delve into too-deep waters, FabricLive 23 keeps things light and breezy. From DIV's own Kraftwerkian "Zugaga" and Cybotron's classic "Alleys of Your Mind" to Dinky's supersassy "Acid in My Fridge," Death in Vegas's bounce is irrepressible. It's a wonderful companion CD to the installment of the Back to Mine series, a postnightclub mix that features Nina Simone, Bo Diddley, The Upsetters, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Both discs show the open-minded musical outlook of a band that continues to unearth surprises in its own music.


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