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For the armchair listener who cannot possibly keep up with the prodigious vinyl output of German house, that sleek BMW roadster of the genre, at least once a year comes a mix CD that gleans any number of highlights. In years past, it was Triple R's Friends and Michael Mayer's Fabric discs. This year German botanist-by-day/producer-by-night Dominik Eulberg has picked a bouquet of the finest flora from alongside the autobahn. Disc one begins at the drugged end of the spectrum, with woozy, bewildering thwacks from Chileans Ricardo Villalobos and Matias Aguayo, their Ping-Ponging racket slowly coalescing into a cosmic throb. The buzz is full-on by disc two, with remixes from Eulberg and spastic ones from Robag Wruhme spiking the punch. Andre Kraml's "Safari" swishes and suds up like a car wash, cleaning out the ears of both dance-floor revelers and those melted into their couches.


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