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Call crate-digging wunderkind Andy Votel a modern-day Phileas Fogg, spanning the globe in 80 minutes while spinning wax pressed up before he was born. Having already documented Welsh beat and French soundtracks, Votel returns to the LSD flashback era of early prog, as documented on last year's head-trip mixes Songs in the Key of Death and Vertigo Remixed. Don't fear that you'll be getting down to Yes or ELP, though, because Votel instead picks up long-hair beardos from Italy, Poland, Turkey, and Japan. While record geeks are usually no fun, Votel's comps are less about selecting hens' teeth and more about throwing gigantic, decadent bashes with all this esoteria. Huge cathedral organs bellow alongside thunder-god drums and searing acid guitar, showing how Hungarians (Illes), Koreans (San Ui Lim), and Brits (Egg) are all dudes passing doobs across borders and language barriers.


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