Ursula 1000

Ursadelica, the second official DJ mix from Alex Gimeno (a.k.a. Ursula 1000), could have just as accurately been called Breaksula, since he runs so rampantly through genres. This makes for consistently surprising bedfellows, like when he rubs Skeewiff's swingin' contemporary lounge number "Nitty Gritty" against the neo-garage rock of the Bees' "Chicken Payback." Overall, though, Ursadelica is too , as he favors slick revisions over vintage classics (one particularly limp example, Nasty Tales and Their Orchestra's "Come On a My House," puts Rosemary Clooney into an un-funky breaks context). There's only charm in Gimeno's sense of abandon when he spins songs that are appropriate for the dance floor, not car commercials.


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