Up! Scumbag

Indiana has produced some unusual stars, including the Jackson Family and Axl Rose. Though these music giants share something in common with one of the state's main crops (they're corny), Indianapolis's lesser-known good ol' boys Up! Scumbag have taken a decidedly less commercial road. The trio has stayed true to its punk and Midwestern roots by self-releasing several albums and infusing an energetic rock sound with a bluesy twang. The two vocalists demonstrate their range with styles varying from light growls to raspy crooning. Up! Scumbag is known for its power-pop covers like "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" and its tendency to champion the working class and criticize the government in true punk fashion. A feature-length DVD including three music videos, live footage, and a recording session is expected to be released this fall, and a full-length is in the works for release next year.


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