Uncle Luke's Top Ten Booty Jams of All Time

Uncle Luke's Top Ten Booty Jams of All Time

Before Luther Campbell was Uncle Luke, he was Luke Skyywalker. But George Lucas sued him for violating copyright. And that's how the nasty boy went from car wars to Star Wars.

The Lucas lawsuit was just the beginning of his infamy. Soon, Miami bass became the trunk rattle heard 'round the world. It started with the party crew that Luke ran with, Ghetto Style DJs. Later, alongside his 2 Live Crew homies, Luke fought and won a major free-speech battle for all Americans.

Nobody shakes their ass to the Constitution, though. So here are his ten most significant contributions to booty music.

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10. "Lizard Lizard," with No Good N Jiggie

Late in 1998, Luke Records put out an album by No Good N Jiggie, two booty rappers with a Trick Daddy-esque flow. "Lizard Lizard" was the name of the album, as well as the lead single. The concept was boosted from a Taco Bell commercial in which a Chihuahua taunts Godzilla.

9. 2 Live Crew's "Throw the D" and "Ghetto Bass"

Using a TK Records break from Herman Kelly and Life's "Dance to the Drummer's Beat," along with layers of samples, lyrics, and calls, this is as close as anybody who wasn't there will ever get to what it was like to shake your ass on a Friday night at the Pac Jam teen dance club.

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