Uncle Luke's Hot Cakes at Finnegan's River March 26

Mr. Luther Campbell has always had some pretty radical ideas.

Of course, he was once part of that filthy little hip-hop trio called 2 Live Crew, which earned him and his homies serious heat from the American Family Association for supremely sexed-up lyrics like "Girls always ask me why I fuck so much/I say 'What's wrong, baby doll, with a quick nut?'" And then more recently as part of his New Times-endorsed campaign for Miami-Dade County mayor, Uncle Luke proposed a tax on strippers as the solution to South Florida's economic and social woes. But a rap party at an Irish pub in Little Havana?


Hot Cakes

With Uncle Luke, Deekline and MC Flipside, Yo! Majesty, and others. Noon Saturday, March 26. Finnegan's River, 401 SW Third Ave., Miami; 305-285-3030; finnegansiver.com. Tickets cost $25 to $35 via wantickets.com

On March 26, in cahoots with Deekline, Culture, Illeleven, and Future Sound of Breaks, Luke will bring Ultra week a dose of that dirty stuff with the "Miami exclusive pool party edition" of hip-hop throwdown Hot Cakes at Finnegan's River. And no, the Godfather of Miami Bass won't be holding it down all alone. He'll be getting backup from a host of spitters and slangers, including Yo! Majesty, Krafty Kuts, $uper Geniu$, Whiskey Pete, and several dozen others.

There will be plenty of booze. There will be plenty of bad boys. And there will be plenty of booty too. Now... "Who so horny?"


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