Ultra Music Festival 2012's Top Seven Artists Under 25: Avicii, Skrillex, and Five Others

​The EDM game is tough.

Before you get the big dollars, you've

got to pay your dues and take a few hits. So it's no surprise most of these heavy

hitters are well into their 30s or even older.

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But over the last couple of years, there's been a

youth invasion of the scene. And suddenly, some of the hottest names in dance

music aren't even old enough to attend their own shows! If they weren't the

main attraction, that is.

Just check out Ultra Music Festival 2012's top seven artists under 25.


This popular Swedish producer is the man behind one of house

music's biggest anthems in years. He's worked with giants like John Dahlback

and David Guetta, played festival stages from Pacha to EDC in LA, and he'll be

headlining Saturday at this year's Ultra. In 2011, he was ranked the sixth best

DJ in the world by DJ Magazine - and

he's only 22. I mean, how did he even know that Etta James song existed!


Everyone loves Skrillex. Or they love to hate him. But as

he stands just a couple months clear of 24 years, you've got to at least

respect the guy. Armed with three Grammys, two years in the game and one iconic

haircut, Skrillex has changed the EDM scene forever. He's brought more fans to

the dance floor than could have ever been imagined, and for that, we think he's

pretty cool.

Porter Robinson

At only 19 years old, this electro house producer is barely

old enough to walk into the club he's being paid mad money to perform for. But

already Porter Robinson is signed to Skrillex's OWSLA label and has toured the

world with cats like Deadmau5, Tiesto and Diplo. He's even done official

remixes for Lady Gaga and fellow youngin' Avicii. And to think, last year he

was graduating high school.

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