Ultra Music Festival 2012's Ten Most Exciting Acts

Coachella's lineup got announced on Monday. And personally, we were underwhelmed. But it got us thinking how excited we are for Ultra Music Festival 2012.

Sure, Deadmau5 may think the number of headliner acts on the bill is horrible. But we have to disagree with you, Zimmerman. We haven't been this excited about an Ultra lineup in a long time.

And while only Phase 1 acts have been announced, we can't possibly see the lineup getting any better. Unless a certain French duo in robot helmets are added. (And, yes, Joel, contrary to what you said in your video, they've played music festivals before including the short-lived Bang! and Coachella.)

So here it is, the ten acts we can't fucking wait to see blow up Bayfront Park.

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10. Katy B

Bear with us here. We know she's a bit too electro-pop for a lot of EDM fans' taste. But Ultra has a good record of having pop accessible acts grace its stage. (Well, Black Eyed Peas aside -- nvr4get!) Little Boots blew us away at Ultra 2010, and we expect Katy B to do the same this year. Her single, "Katy on a Mission," is the perfect balance of pop-meets-dance.

9. The Knocks

This duo's artist bio claims they "are taking a stand and reclaiming good music for all." While that may be over reaching, the Knocks harken back to a time when wobbling was something you did while walking around drunk. Their 2010 breakthrough, "Make It Better," was Peter Bjorn and John meets New York City nu-disco. In other words, their sound is clean, crisp, and sexy, which seems to be the most punk rock thing a dance act can do these days.

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