Ultra Bingo: Vicks Inhaler!

People who use Vicks Inhalers are either (a) suffering from severe nasal congestion, or (b) rolling balls at Ultra Music Festival.

Each year in March, we buy stock in Procter and Gamble, knowing very well that inhaler sales will skyrocket during the days leading up to the fest. And no, it's not because colds are more common in Miami during the month of March. It's because 80 percent of Ultra attendees will be on Ecstasy. Plus, colds are common in Miami during the month of March, so it's a win-win.

We're not sure if the dude at Bicentennial Park with an inhaler lodged in his right nostril was fighting a cold or not. But we do thank him for letting us snap his picture.


Get well soon, bro.
Get well soon, bro.
Photo by Victor Gonzalez

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