"Udonis Haslem," O'Grime, and Metro Zu Say: "F%$# the Mavericks, Bitch!"

The last time Crossfade got weird with the O'Grime boys, we bumrushed a Taco Bell, scrubbed ourselves down with Mexican meat, and wasted $400 on 15 minutes with a stripper slathered in nacho cheese.

In a word, it was awesome. And really, there's only one scenario that might get mo' wacko than a night outta your head on "Taco Bell Swag" ... Tonight's street party celebrating the Miami Heat's imminent destruction of the weak-ass Dallas Mavericks in Game Four of the 2011 NBA Finals.

And since every good sports riot needs a soundtrack, see the cut for O'Grime and Metro Zu's new rally track "Udonis Haslem (I'm So Handsome)." It'll make you wanna get cornrows, smash a magnum of Crystal off a cheerleader's ass, and scream, "Fuck the Mavericks, bitch!"


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