Truth at the Vagabond May 12

If you wanna be a word nerd about it, truth is a judgment, proposition, or idea generally accepted by the global human community to be factually proven and reality tested. Like, Bass is bad for your health. But it's good for your ass. Or, Dubstep kills crappy parties.

In this case, though, we're talking about three rumble junkies bred in the bowels of New Zealand's home to low-end heaviness, Christchurch. They started by slanging drum 'n' bass. Then they discovered dubstep's superdestructive potential. And now they zip between continents, invading clubs, seizing decks, terrorizing dance-floor dwellers, exploding eardrums, and routinely laying waste to high-end sound systems.

Indeed, this is a brutal crew. Tracks such as "Payback" and "Terror Planet" might induce spastic, puking fits of uncontrollable blackout fun. And that's the truth about Truth: It will hurt you. But you will like it.


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