Troy Kurtz's Majorthreat at Mamushka's every Wednesday

When Bar closed, Miami's broke party people were disenfranchised. They'd lost their favorite hangout. But with the opening of Mamushka's in midtown, there's a cool, cheap place to kill time again. And as the new spot's weekly agenda fills up with local acts and a ladies' night, Troy Kurtz's Majorthreat throwdown is taking over Wednesday night with a wild mix of seriously good sounds. "I wanted to do a party that was not what people would expect from me," says Kurtz, a longtime member of art and nightlife collective the Overthrow.

He began DJing a few years ago while attending the University of Miami. And though he now produces mostly house, his life didn't start with the electronic. "I grew up on punk music. I kind of wanted to play my favorite songs from childhood." Kurtz will play music fit for surfing or skating, such as Fugazi's "Waiting Room," T.S.O.L.'s "Red Shadows," and old AFI.

The booze is generally cheap too. And Majorthreat offers a special $5 up-all-night concoction that Kurtz and a couple of the Overthrow guys developed during a drunken club sesh. "We were watching Tamara Sky DJ at LIV a couple of months back, and we only had a bottle of Jack and Red Bull. So we made use of what we had and came up with the name Hot Rod."


Troy Kurtz's Majorthreat

11 p.m. every Wednesday. Mamushka's, 31 NW 36th St., Miami; 786-991-3823. There's no cover. Ages 21 and up.

In all, it's an unpretentious night. Everyone is invited. And the music is unexpected — partly because it's not electronic, but also because it's just really fucking good.


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