Anders Trentemøller's The Last Resort vacillates between sleepy, downtempo suites and soft, minimalist shuffle beats. "Take Me into Your Skin" builds up to a rush of sensations, like a longed-for physical touch, while the hauntingly quiet "Evil Dub" earns its name via distorted bass and guitar tremors. Despite those highlights, The Last Resort sounds like a overly kind take on ambient techno. The talented Danish producer is capable of a more dynamic palette, which he proves on a bonus disc of previously released twelve-inch singles. This CD includes kinetic rockers like "Physical Fraction" and "Killer Kat" along with a vocal version of "Always Something Better" by Richard Davis. The real Last Resort lies between the first disc's dreamy landscapes and the bonus disc's techno movements. There is a preponderance of riches here, but it would have been nice for Trentemøller to do the editing for us. — Mosi Reeves


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