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Toro Y Moi Does a Daytrotter Session; Playing Electric Pickle on Saturday

Toro Y Moi

had managed to stay slightly below the radar until the chillwave movement took off in the Summer of '09. The barely-there often only one-man band fronted by Chaz Bundick is at once relaxing and arm swaying, and as his voice softly croons over guitar, drums, and keyboards, we get the real root of the word "chillwave." It makes us just want to chill out.

After playing South by Southwest (SXSW) in March, a virtual cesspool hit the interwebs, trashing the "sub-sub-sub genre," with even The New York Times wanting a piece of that pie.

The paper went on to bash the movement a few months ago, when it called the new sub-genre "recession-era music: low-budget and danceable." The publication went even further, still, calling out Toro Y Moi as one of the "leaders of the much-blogged microtrend."

The Village Voice and several other publications took it upon themselves to defend the genre and its much loved musicians, saying, "chillwave is the most interesting and vital, stupid indie trend in a

minute, and in attacking it, Pareles fundamentally misreads chillwave's

influences and ignores its heady intentions."

Daytrotter recognizes Bundick's talent, too, and just published his Daytrotter session. The Four-track set features reworkings of the hits "Blessa," "You Hid," "Talamak," and "Low Shoulder" from the album Causers of This, with a full band playing along.

Daytrotter's Sean Moeller mentions Bundick's recent troubles (heartbreak?), along with him "licking his wounds on this album," but we think that kind of material always makes for good music.

Stream here: Toro Y Moi Daytrotter Session

Toro Y Moi, at 10 pm, Saturday, September 18. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-456-5613; Tickets cost $10 in advance from


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