Tori Amos

It's easy to blame Tori Amos for inspiring a generation of whiney singer/songwriter types. But those who wallow in her wake are merely pretenders to a throne built on soul-baring ballads that relive painful personal experiences, whether it be a rape, a miscarriage, or a difficult marriage. Although Amos vacillated between Joni Mitchell's haunting, heartfelt narratives and the elegiac imagery of Kate Bush early on, Amos has since shown a penchant for blending imagery and allegory. Her ninth album, Beekeepers, follows suit, but fortunately for the faithful, it's also accessible. Even if you're not a loyal devotee, you'll find yourself mesmerized by the concert's unabashed intimacy, including a segment dubbed "Tori's Piano Bar," during which she taps cover tunes of her audience's choosing.


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