Torche and the Waterford Landing

Torche has been cutting mighty swaths with its down-tuned scythe for some time now; its full-length debut on Robotic Empire Records last year has garnered praise from both indie and major press camps. These veterans of the local scene are rumored to have most of a second album completed, and their live shows are nothing short of ferocious. Balancing the evening's fury will be the Waterford Landing's three-way synth attack on traditional pop. The group's dreamy soundscapes are easily danceable and aren't without solid instrumentals. Now the only question this evening is: Who plays first? Will it be moshing and then dancing, or getting touchy with the lady first and then slamming with the boys? In any case, both bands are excellent examples of what's good in Miami's music scene, so get down and buy a record.


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