Stonerific pop-metal power group Torche has been a purveyor of sludge thicker than BP's since 2005. The local foursome's original lineup included members from heavy area acts such as Floor, Cavity, and Tyranny of Shaw. But in the interest of not introducing South Florida readers to Torche for the gazillionth time, what follows is a bio reduced to a 140-character tweet: "Sludgy, pop, loosely tuned bass strings. Thunder! Think Melvins, Jawbox, Sabbath. In a word: heavy. D'oh, mad violence! Quartet becomes trio."

The band's new eight-song EP, Songs for Singles, is its first since parting with guitarist Juan Montoya — following his exhaustively documented punch to lead singer/guitarist Steve Brooks's face. However, the now-trio recently released a split with psych-noise rock band Boris — Chapter Ahead Being Fake (released stateside July 13) — which includes the already-ubiquitous, ever-doomy single "King Beef."

Meanwhile, the group's upcoming full-length, Songs for Singles, is due out in September. It maintains the band's evolution from record to record, and even from band to band, but is happier. "Like we took Prozac or Red Bull or something," says bassist Jonathan Nuñez.


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