Top Ten Raunchiest Rappers of All Time

Earlier this week, Crossfade reported on Khia -- the rapping stripper from Tampa, Florida -- and the naked picture she Tweeted on Sunday.

Khia's stated motivation for leaking her own nudes was to celebrate the ten year anniversary of "My Neck, My Back," the MCs super explicit, lone hit single devoted entirely to cunnilingus.

In this lascivious spirit of revelry, Crossfade thought it was time to compile a list of the dirt nasty raunchiest MCs in the history of the game. Check the sweaty, sticky results after the jump.

10. Blowfly

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She sat on the bed and pulled off her clothes

as the funk from her pussy started fuckin' with my nose

Suddenly I find that it was all a waste

Cause there was a big penis starin' me in the face

Rhyming hornball septagenarian, Blowfly (a.k.a. Clarence Reid) invented rap music. He may have also invented fucking.

9. Akinyele

I'm always sprung

once I feel your tongue

In the crack of my ass

just eatin me nigga

Did Akinyele have any other songs? We're not sure, and can't be bothered to check the Google because we don't want that shit coming up in our viewing history.

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