Top Ten Rap Felons: Shoot Outs, Beat Downs, and Face Eating

Big Lurch, the freaking PCP cannibal.
Big Lurch, the freaking PCP cannibal.

In the gritty rap game, honor is everything. And honor usually means a bag full of automatic weapons at an airport.

Alright, not every rapper's got a rap sheet. But if you talk the talk, you're expected to do the time. A mean MC with a big mouth is just a poser without a felony charge. And getting convicted doesn't do anything to hurt your street cred, as long as your homies hold it down while you're gone.

But who's really practicing what they preach? All wack MCs better watch out for Crossfade's top ten rap felons.

10. Lil Wayne

Say whatever you like about Weezy going soft, everyone knows he's a gun-toting, time doing fool at heart. He just got done serving eight months in the can for having a semi-automatic weapon on his tour bus. But while he was in jail, he only seemed to get more famous. That's how you know you're (not actually) a Young Money billionaire.

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9. T. I.

This guy's jail time has only helped his career too. The Atlanta-based rapper has twice done time for probation violation. And most famously, he served eleven months in prison for getting caught buying unregistered machine guns and silencers. But being stuck on the inside didn't stop him from releasing his album No Mercy and totally killin' it on the U.S. charts.

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