Top Ten Rap Brawls Ever! From 2Pac to Diddy's Gun and Juggalos vs. Headbangers

The most recent edition of the annual BET Hip-Hop Awards was less trophies-and-speeches and more WWE Monday Night Raw.

First and foremost, the Bawse Ricky Ross stirred up some seriously harsh vibes when he and Young Jeezy got into a spitty spat that resulted in the senseless smashing of a mirror.

Meanwhile, Rozay's homie Gunplay got beefin' with members of 50 Cent's entourage.

It's about time rappers started going ham again. The past decade of rap music has been more like a Coke Zero commercial than a continuation of the hip-hop tradition forged in the '80s and gangsta-sized in the '90s.

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Here are Crossfade's top ten rap brawls ever.

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10. Drake vs. Chris Brown

The story goes that Drizzy and Brizzy got into a tizzy at a NYCizzy pizzy over that trifin' ho and legitimate victim of domestic violence, Rihanna. Bottom line: Drake and Chris Brown are both pussies, but Chris Brown is also a dick.

9. Waka Flocka Flame vs. Anonymous Bowler

You would think a big-ass party carnivore like Waka would go "Hard in Da Paint" if challenged to a tussle. But from the way Gucci Mane's bombastically screaming comrade takes a one-two to the kisser, it would appear as though Flockaveli's got "No Hands."

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