Top Ten Pop Twitter Twats: From Bruno to Britney and Bieber

The battle of the mindless pop star drones is real and gory, and the bloody fields of war are found on constantly refreshing Twitter feeds.

Lady Gaga and her little monsters have just been unseated as the most obnoxious and numerous fans on the planet. Justin Bieber and his army of Beliebers have snatched the crown, taking him all the way to the top of the Twitter chart.

Yup, more people follow the Biebz than the President, YouTube, Oprah - literally anyone on the planet. Are you one of them? And who else in the music world is a supreme Twitter twat?

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10. Bruno Mars @BrunoMars

#HisSecondAlbumIsOutSon, and at least 14,732,288 panties are creaming to it as we speak. One of only three gents making the top ten, he rounds out our list of top tweeters. What do you call Bruno Mars fans, Martians? Well, whatever you're called, you're doing a good job, but you could still do better.

9. Nikki Minaj @NIKKIMINAJ

All these bitches are her sons, all 15,603,009 of them. Damn, a mama's teets must be tired! But her tweets are going strong. One of the most active twats on the list, she's got 18,234 messages to her name, and if we know one thing about Minaj, it's that no one is going to ever shut her up. Oh well.

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