Top Ten Labor Day Songs: Workers, Wobblies, Commies, and Weekend Warriors

Workers of the world, unite!

And while you're at it, would ya mind bringing along some tunes?

You know the old saying: "Whistle while you work."

After the jump, check out Crossfade's top ten songs about grindin', hustlin' and fighting for your right to be properly compensated.

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10. Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang"

This classic R&B ditty about incarcerated day laborers was inspired by a run-in that Cooke had with a bonafide chain gang. The singer and his brother were on tour when they spotted the men working on the highway, and donated a few cartons of cigarettes to their cause.

9. Dolly Parton's "9 to 5"

Included on the soundtrack for the film of the same name (which was also Parton's debut on the big screen), "9 to 5" has become one of Dolly's most adored classics. Her depiction of the daily grind made her the first female country singer to top both the U.S. country singles chart and Billboard's Hot 100 with the same song.

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