Top Ten Horror Anthems: The Halloween EDM Remix


It's finally Halloween, and we here at Crossfade are getting very spooky indeed. We wanted some appropriately killer jams for tonight, but we're so sick of our old scary sounds CD. And frankly, we can do better.

As it turns out, some of EDM's top producers are right there with us. They've concocted quite a number of horrifying bangers perfect for All Hollows' Eve, and we've done the digging to bring nothing but the best to you. Just be happy we're in a treat-giving mood today.

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Pretty Lights' "Halloween Funtime REMIXMONSTRousMASHup"

Colorado's glitch-hop pioneer got into the Halloween spirit and put together this totally rad five-minute mashup, featuring lots of familiar horror movie sounds and spooky effects. Who doesn't want cackling witches backed by a dope beat?

Figure's "Beetlejuice"

This dubstep producer is, like, the king of Halloween. Every year, he creates a new evil tune to give away to his fans, just because he loves all things spooky. Last year, he released this awesome remix of everyone's favorite creeper anthem. Bang out to this, but don't say his name three times. It's not worth it.

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