Top Ten Completely Insane Moments From Ten Years of International Noise Conference

It's a Monday night at 11 p.m. and we here at Crossfade are throwing back as much coffee as the human gut can handle, just to keep up with Rat Bastard. But it's no use. As the Miami music legend approaches 60, he's more manically productive than ever.

Hanging out in his storied South Beach apartment (which is also a fully equipped recording studio and wall-to-wall mini-museum crammed with ephemera and memorabilia from three decades' worth of rocking), we are discussing Mr. Bastard's signature event, the International Noise Conference, as he prepares for its tenth anniversary.

Yes, it's already been a decade of howling, shredding, screaming, vomiting, and bleeding to thunderous blasts of noise, cold wave, techno, etc. And in honor of ten years of INC, let us revisit the homegrown freak fest's top ten completely insane moments.

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10. Occasional Detroit = Habitually Tweakin' (2006)

What else do you expect from a co-ed noise-rap duo whose initials are freakin' O.D.. Have you ever wondered what crack cocaine sounds like? And, no, we don't mean that gross hiss-suck-burn sound that runs parallel to a fiend suckin' his pipe. We're talking literally transcribing the experience of freebasing into music. Last we heard, this pair was looking for "just a dollar" to "catch a bus."

9. Dreamhouse: The Dirtiest Band at I.N.C. (2005)

Yeah, we know that's a pretty bold claim. The Noise Conference demographic is not especially known for maintaining contemporary society's standards of hygiene. But at the same time, can ya really get any filthier than a tarp stained with sweat, blood, booze and God knows what else? Because that was the centerpiece attraction of Providence, Rhode Island's Dreamhouse. Night after night, they dragged out a giant blue disgusting tarp, and wrapped in the audience in it. While playing noise.

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