Top Ten Best Songs About Cocaine

When they say Miami is a city built of snow, rest assured they aren't talking about the weather. Even pop culture, through movies like Scarface and TV shows like Miami Vice, have helped equate the city to sweet Lady Cocaine. That's reason enough to honor it by listing some of the best cocaine-related songs -- whether it's about the sudden euphoria or the dismal repercussions.

10. Goldfrapp "Ride a White Horse"

Call it whatever you want, but Goldfrapp's 2006 single makes cocaine sound so cool. It's glamorous. It's sexy. It's addictive. Then came the video, which was more crack cocaine than just the good stuff.

How pure it is? It's like being transported back to Studio 54, so you are probably in a backroom orgy too fucked up to care.

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9. Rick Ross "Hustlin'"

MIA-Yayo! Ross' ode to dealing on the mean streets of Miami shows a less fabulous side and is just one of countless songs about dealing the stuff. But it's a great reminder of how gangsta coke is. Feelin' like Scarface, yo.

How pure it is? What's with the questions? Do you want to buy the stuff, yes or no?

8. Elliott Smith "The White Lady Loves You More"

Side affect of cocaine? Depression. So remember, when the world seems to be working against you, cocaine will always be there for you.

How pure it is? Pure enough to cause you to rethink where your life is going. Then you do another line and it's all better.

7. The Dogs "Crack Rock"

Did you snort your life savings up your nose? Well, for a quick handjob and maybe a little more, you can score yourself some crack -- cocaine's uglier, shabbier sister. Sure it's not as glamorous, but at this point you are just looking for that quick high.

How pure is it? Bitch! This is crack. You've literally hit rock bottom.

6. Johnny Cash "Cocaine Blues"

Cash reminds us that cocaine has consequences, like shooting your wife and getting sent to jail. But being the sort of rebellious outlaw that he was, he makes tragedy sound appealing. 

How pure is it? Enough to send you into a murderous rage.

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