Top Ten Animals Dancing to Dubstep

Dubstep is officially one of those genres that started out as one thing, ended up another, and now nobody can tell if music (as a whole) is even good. Maybe it's great? But it's probably terrible.

With Skrillex's pop canonization by the Grammys, there isn't a lone old-timey basshead who hasn't yet disavowed the genre. Or at least offered a disclaimer-splanation of what exactly dubstep means to them.

But what man abandons, nature rescues. Like vine encasing an abandoned factory, the animal kingdom has taken up the bass music that humans have so carelessly discarded.

10. A Dubstep Horse Is a Horse, Of Course

Extending a one-second clip of a horse over 11 seconds and throwing in some wobble for good measure sounds like the exact reason Al Gore invented the internet. Can you imagine what the country would have looked like if the Supreme Court hadn't coronated Dubya back in 2000? We imagine an audio-visual collaboration between Mr. Ed and Skrillex.

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9. Baby Squirrel Jamin (sic) to Dubstep

Circa 2012, Chip, Dale and the rest of the Rescue Rangers are all up in the club, geeked out on e-pills, spilling other people's drinks, and waiting -- just waiting -- for the bass to drop.

8. The Owls Are Not What They Dubstep

Yo, dubstep needs to drop the bros and start drafting some fucking hippies. Lava lamps, tapestries, bra-burning, and assorted other signifiers from the Free Love era could really temper the genre's testosterone. Now ... Stare at this trippy owl.

7. Dubstep Fish

This guy's pet puffer fish is the creature from the dubstep lagoon. What if every time the bass dropped, everyone in the room turned into a puffer fish? Now there's a party theme!

6. Dubstep Aquarium

We'll see your slimy dubstepping puffer fish and raise you an entire tank filled with aquatic vertebrates whose iPods are filled to capacity with nothing but Mary Anne Hobbes podcasts.


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