Top Six Karaoke Songs for Music Nerds, According to the Ladies of Super Lips!

Where do the supercool geeks go when they just wanna siiiiiiing?

Duh. The Let's Sang party at Lester's.

Debuting tonight, this thang is being described as "karaoke for music nerds." And it's hosted by the fine ladies of Super Lips, otherwise known as DJ Oly and New Times own Liz Tracy.

"Now's your chance to sing your rendition of Kraftwerk, Buzzcocks, NWA or Otis Redding! Interpretation is key!"

Just check the cut for Super Lips' top six karaoke songs, in alphabetical order. Oh, and don't forget your daily vocal exercises, nerds.

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1. The Buzzcocks' "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)"

"This song is self explanatory," Oly tells Crossfade, "because who hasn't fallen in love with someone you shouldn't've? Yeah, it's, like, been there done that. Check! Plus it's energetic and just gets me in the mood to boogie. Never heard it at a karaoke party, but that's where Super Lips comes in. Cue in the cool old punk songs!"

2. The Descendents' "Bikeage"

"This band is pretty epic for me. I always found myself on the same moral ground as Milo, the singer of the Descendents. I hear this and I'm totally 17 all over again, hating on jocks."

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