Top Five Trap Stars on Ultra Music Festival 2013's Trapped Stage

Everybody loves trap music.

It's been around for decades on the Southern hip-hop scene, but 2012 saw the trap house get raided by electro and house producers. And despite the fact that the EDM trap phenomenon is barely a year old, Ultra Music Festival has already granted the genre its own showcase.

So if you like dirty, aggressive beats, dark melodies, and dancing as if modesty is just some vestigial social trait, don't miss these five shahs of Trapistan on Ultra 2013's Trapped stage.

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This Los Angeles-based Guatemalan producer is a man on a mission to eat all the world's Chipotle and destroy all the world's dance floors. He's got a violent moniker. And his trap style is equally bloody -- hard-hitting textures over lethal doses of bass lean. His Bang! EP, on Fool's Gold Records, has more tinny ticks than a time bomb, and once the drop explodes at Ultra, there'll be nothing left.


The trap star known as UZ is a real mystery. Every hipster in the trap wants to know who lurks behind the terrorist mask and gold faceplate. Of course, though, it doesn't matter who's at work in the kitchen, as long as (s)he keeps putting out that real trap shit. Each UZ production is darker, grittier, and rowdier than the last. We don't know who UZ is, but (s)he is an absolute professional. This is Grade-A trap steak, served extra rare.

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