Too Short's Six Best Sex Songs

Too Short's Six Best Sex Songs

Too $hort is an independent hip hop pioneer who made his first million on cassette tapes. The East Oakland pimp is famous for dirty sex raps, and has put out a new album almost every year since 1987.

He's also a ghetto reality rapper in the style of Melle Mel from Grandmaster Flash, and has loads of music about staying positive and working hard. But when he hits LIV on Sunday, he'll probably drop non stop party classics about fucking.

Here are Too $hort's top six sex raps.

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6. "Pimp the Ho"

From $hort's certified double-platinum second album, Life Is Too $hort, the chick singing the "pimp the ho" refrain laces up five minutes and 55 seconds of East Oakland storytelling rap at its best.

5. "Choosin'"

"I'm slammin Cadillac dohs, How can I retire, still pimpin' the hos/Suited from my head to my toes/Why they call me Too $hort no one knows/'Cause when I pull it out, it grows, and it grows, and it grows." This track features an R&B hook and verse from Jagged Edge, production by Jazze Pha, and background vocals by Keri Kilson, probably a pseudonym for Keri Hilson.

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