Tokyo Police Club at Culture Room January 28

It's a typical scenario nowadays: A Canadian band crosses the border to market itself to the masses and becomes a pop sensation before it has even hit its prime. Yet somehow, between the full-lengths, EPs, and fame, Tokyo Police Club has managed to solidify its sound — and its audience.

Ask any college kid what he or she thinks of this crew, and the answer will probably be a resounding "I dig it." The band's sugar-high brand of indie rock is perfectly suited for transitioning from the dorm room to the bar. It's somewhat ironic, then, that Tokyo Police Club's members dropped out of college in their early 20s to pursue careers in music.

Now working on a third full-length album, the band members are still as fresh-faced as their fans. But the group is beginning to trade in its trademark plucky cheer for a more mature sound. And some of that new, grown-up material will be worked into this Friday's headlining show at Culture Room. Go glimpse Tokyo Police Club as it finally hits its prime.


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