Tobacco Road's 94th Anniversary Party

If Tobacco Road were a person, it would be pinching the nurses at Shady Pines and talking smack about Eliot Ness while it cackled its dentures off.

The city's oldest bar/restaurant/café turns 94 on November 17, an occasion that will be marked by an eight-band Miamipalooza on three stages. "The building is over a hundred years old," says Mark Weiser, Tobacco Road's talent buyer for the past 24 years. "It's been everything: off-limits to servicemen during World War II due to its reputation as the most lascivious bar in the southeastern United States; hangout for Al Capone; secret gambling and speakeasy joint in the Upstairs Cabaret during Prohibition."

For as long as Weiser has been part of the joint's package, there has been an effort to establish Tobacco Road as a national rock and roll landmark, with live music seven nights a week. The lineup scheduled for the anniversary bash includes Latino-funk-hoppers Spam Allstars, Suénalo Sound System (past winners of Miami New Times's Best Local Latin Rock Band), and 2006 International Blues Challenge winner Joey Gilmore.


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