What do you give the world's most famous DJ for his latest globetrotting tour? How about a traveling half-million-dollar stage show complete with buto dancers, taiko drummers, trapeze acrobats, carnival showgirls, a chorus of singers, 100 lasers, and some hair-singeing pyrotechnics? It's a worthy start, at least, to compliment Tiësto, the Dutch-born superstar who's the only deck-wrecker to win DJ Magazine's DJ of the Year award three years running. "Until now I did a lot of club gigs and big festivals in the U.S.," Tiësto says via e-mail while working in Brazil. "A lot of people are attending festivals, but they come for different acts and DJs. For the Tiësto in Concert shows, all the people come for me." "All the people" includes the 10,000 sweaty postrave revelers who rocked out the LA stop of the three-city tour this past August.

After so many years as the world's premier trance DJ — plying a sound that veers from a heart-racing electro-fried frenzy to the more mellowed, organic comedown of his recently released In Search of Sunrise Vol. 4: Latin America — it must be tough for the man to keep things fresh. "Due to all this touring, I have seen so many different people and cultures around the world," he says. "This influenced my productions and my sets in such a way that they keep on changing my sound so that it remains innovating. My musical style has become more grown-up during the last few years. I am playing more different styles than just pure trance." So the grown-up Tiësto gets to play with a psychedelic circus backdrop to rival Cirque du Soleil at its most buck-wild? Now that's the way to get old.


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