The genesis of the South Florida duo Timewellspent is love -- love for Sixties psych, Seventies soft rock, and a man named Burt. Vocalist Casey Fundaro (the nephew of Three Dog Night's Danny Hutton) and guitarist/pianist Christopher Moll (formerly of locals See Venus) have cut their teeth on these influences and pasted them into a sweet collage of sounds. Produced by Thom Monahan of the Pernice Brothers, Timewellspent plays out like elegant chamber pop for the hyperactive, as a majority of the songs are under four minutes. Throughout, Fundaro's vocals are so soft and restrained, you'd think there was a sleeping baby in the recording booth. But it works. "Anyone to Be" is all piano and strings building to a crescendo of honey-coated harmonies. "Probably" is where Burt Bacharach's ghost (I know he's not dead, but just work with me) comes in and cues the horns. "Sitting by the Window" is a foray into a 1966 psych-organ sugar high. This CD is like finding candy in your pockets.


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