Tilly and the Wall

Hailing from the music factory of Omaha, Nebraska (Bright Eyes, the Faint, Cursive, Elliott Smith), Tilly and the Wall delivers warm, rich layers with delicious harmonies via three vocalists, and succulent beats from a nondrumming tap-dancing percussionist. (Yes, that's correct. No drums in this band — just a tap dancer.) The quintet has its roots in the late band Park Avenue, which featured Conor Oberst before he blew up as the indie wonderboy Bright Eyes. Tilly and the Wall's second album, Bottoms of Barrels, was released this past May on Team Love, Oberst's sister label to Saddle Creek. The album blends twangy guitars, piano, organ, and a dash of reverb for an enjoyable mix of appetizing, melodic indie pop, which should only intensify in the group's live show. Give in and enjoy.


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