Tiesto Hates on Daft Punk: Five Reasons This Idiot's Jealous

Tiesto Hates on Daft Punk: Five Reasons This Idiot's Jealous

They say hate is just twisted appreciation, and if that's the case, Tiësto must be the biggest Daft Punk fan on the planet. He just has a funny way of showing it.

He recently went on a huge dig-fest, calling the robots an overhyped waste of studio space, talking smack about their work on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and Random Access Memories.

Apparently, Tiësto's mad pissed that the Daft Punk guys have the skills to step outside the box they created and fulfill themselves creatively in a multitude of ways, and instead of accepting their artistry, he is now out to "destroy" them.

Well, Tiëstblow, we think you need to take a step back and look in the mirror. We'll help you.

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This whole thing was spurred by a meeting Tiësto had during one of his shows with recent DP collaborator and electronic music innovator Giorgio Moroder. He did shots with the 70-something godfather of four-on-the-floor, then he exchanged numbers with him, hoping he could get in on that magic. When DP came up in a subsequent interview, he started shitting all over the new album, claiming that everyone just pretends to like it because Daft Punk is "cool." Factually, Daft Punk is and has been appreciated by people who don't frequent (and in fact, would never be caught dead at) EDM shows. Meanwhile, there are more people on molly at a Tiësto show than probably any other, because you have to be blowing up to find redeemable qualities in his insanely repetitive and flat-line DJ sets. Perhaps someone is redirecting their own frustrations?

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