Three Beef Burritos

Three pimply dudes convince some cute chick to front their after-school ska-pop-punk band. That's their story. Or at least it's the one I'm sticking to, 'cause they seem awfully young and no real explanation has been made available. This is for sure: By the time they load their stuff into Miami's oldest bastion of local and hip rock, Churchill's Pub, they would've already rocked the socks off some kids at a sweet-sixteen party. They don't discriminate — they just wanna get their rock on! But screw it; ska-punk, at least, is fun for all ages, and those interested in getting the energetic youths of Three Beef Burritos to perform at their next family/corporate function ought to come on down and enjoy a cold pint during their set. And the fun doesn't end there, with Things Have Changed and Jupiter Uprising rounding out this lovely Sunday matinee.


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