Dead Boys
Dead Boys

This Is Really It!

If there's one thing Miami is full of, it's sleeping giants. After suffering through three years of rock deprivation, University of Miami Ph.D. candidate in English lit and former Alternative Press editor in chief David Earle could no longer stand idly by and listen to jokers claim that the Strokes were the second coming. "For a place that's supposedly so eclectic, there's no freaking rock subculture down here whatsoever!" the goateed Cleveland native says exasperatedly. To rectify the situation, Earle is dusting off his 5000-strong record collection for Search & Destroy, his brand-new residency at Revolver's Blue Room.

No longer will punk and postpunk monsters like Big Black, the Dead Boys, Turbonegro, and the Stranglers be absent from our clubland turntables. Assisting Earle in his mission will be Lil' Jack Knife, host of WVUM's It Came From the Garage. Not enough? Need some live rock and roll to get your crusty ass off the couch? The Getback (formerly Corky) will be upstairs in Revolver's main room playing its CD-release party.


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