The XX's Four-Part Guide to Modern Romance

Modern musical romance is tough.

We've got Taylor Swift dating the whole world and putting their faults on blast. We've got Katy Perry and Ke$ha teaching us the ways of meaningless, drunken sex. Then we've got Drake and Lil Wayne blabbing all about having a kept woman, perpetually sprawled out on the bed in some paid-for penthouse apartment.

But what about those last remaining soft-souled individuals who've been holding out for real love, even when the only thing that they've ever known is heartbreak? Well, they listen to the XX for lessons in love.

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-The XX Reveals Early 2013 Tour Dates, Playing Miami on February 5

This Tuesday, the English dream-pop outfit will bring its haunting, hollow-drum heartbeats to the Fillmore Miami Beach. But just in case you can't snag a ticket, we here at Crossfade have prepared a four-part guide to the XX's lessons in love and loss.

After all, let's face it -- you're going to love someone, and they're probably going to shit on you. Here's how to handle it.

Love With Complete Devotion

When you finally find that special someone to whom you want to "give it all on the first date," take a note from the XX's moody "Our Song" and don't hesitate. You can't be afraid of the moment. This is your mantra: "All I have, I will give to you. And at times when no one wants to." Look, you found love. Someone touched you between the sheets. You are theirs now. So now you don't ever have to leave!

Try Not to Hold Too Tight

This is basically impossible, because you love with 100-percent devotion. It's a real tightrope walk, trying not to confess everything, but still giving your all. Slip a bit -- and now you're smothering your beloved. As the XX's "Chained" lamentably asks: "Did I hold you too tight? Did I not let in enough light?" Yeah, you should have learned from the last time, but you're probably just destined to be alone

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