The Vibrators

The legendary Vibrators may be getting long in the tooth, but they're hardly short on energy and O.G. punk spirit. The quartet could school any spikey-haired-come-lately in true road warrior style and longevity: They got together in London in 1976, broke up for a minute around 1980, and reformed in 1982. They've played together in some form ever since, and are rivaled in number of active years and attendant ex-members only by, probably, peers the UK Subs.

These days the Vibrators tour as a three-piece, and the only remaining original members are frontman Ian "Knox" Carnochan and the descriptively monikered Eddie the Drummer. There's certainly enough material for a frequently changing set list: at least 15 albums' worth (not counting live recordings). Still, though, the band's most famous album remains its first, 1977's Pure Mania. A sucker punch of sped-up, messed-up pub rock, the record sees most of its songs clocking in under three minutes and favoring both musical and lyrical repetition. Just check titles like "Yeah Yeah Yeah," "Sweet Sweet Sweet," and "Baby Baby," the last an almost sappy, glue-stoned entreaty for a sympathetic embrace. Even the most weary punks have a heart, and even going 30-plus years strong, the Vibrators still have the scrappy cheek to clean your clock if you suggest they're soft because of it.


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