The Untouchable Concert

After years of being eclipsed by dancehall's organized noise, the one-drop riddims of roots rock reggae have made a triumphant return to the Jamaican charts. Leading the charge is a generation of adherents born after Bob Marley's death in 1981. Togetherness Records' Untouchable Concert wisely features a blend of past and present. Influential chanter Tony Rebel appears alongside veteran singers Luciano and Cocoa Tea. Also on the bill are I-Wayne — whose single "Can't Satisfy Her" remained on the Billboard Hot 100 for several months earlier this year — and Anthony B, the man behind the scorching single "Lighter." And although there is a generation gap between the performers and reggae's forefathers, all are steadfast in their Rastafari conviction. The Untouchable Concert proves that upcoming roots reggae artists can embellish and energize the genre, but they also adhere to its exalted and enduring template.


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