The Tim Version

The Tim Version, hailing from Tampa, comes with a pretty good punk rock pedigree. These ne'er-do-wells have taken their wares across most of the States, parts of Europe, and even Japan using that old trick: hard work. Collectively they boast a nothing-fancy, no-frills, no-pretty-faces kind of attitude that, on this release, yields a dozen rocking tracks that tap the knife firmly below your sternum before gutting in one swift downward stroke.

Taking its name from a play on a Replacements song, The Tim Version shows some of that band's influence, along with the more rock and roll moments of Motörhead, or of its other Florida-based labelmates. "Shin Splints" and "Murder" rip open the album, which continues to rock hard thanks to the twin guitar attack of Russ Van Cleave and Scott Lava. Drummer Shawn Watkins and bassist Mike Paul, meanwhile, aptly hold down the rhythm section.

The album soon takes a stab at Tampa author Tim Dorsey's Florida Roadkill with "Tim Dorsey Writes Nonfiction." Then it slows down in the middle, with the heartfelt "Too Many Saturday Nights," before tearing through the back nine with scorchers such as"Paradise by the Fluorescent Lights" and "Skilled Labor." Following a handful of seven-inches and albums, this record is a good entry into The Tim Version's catalogue, and a good buy for listeners looking to inject a little life-blood into their music collections.


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