The Spam Allstars got back
The Spam Allstars got back

The Spam Allstars

The New York Times may have raved about the Spam Allstars to no end. S.O.B.'s (also in New York) may have become the band members' second home. MTV might feature them with a page of their own, and the festival circuit might have latched on to their patented brand of groove thang. But for all intents and cross-cult purposes they remain a Miami band. Hell, in more than a few certain swingin' circles, they're the Miami band.

We're talkin' Spam Allstars, natch, the only gang in town who truly encompasses our multitudes.

You've caught 'em on a Thursday, shaking the rafters of the fabled Hoy Como Ayer; you've caught 'em on a Saturday, bringing down the stars at the North Beach bandshell; and you've caught 'em on the walk, on the run, and in your ride, when your drive becomes one with the universal funky. And each time the catch has been better than the last. With the release of their latest album, the indisputably magnifico electrodomesticos, you're bound to get caught up all over again.


The Spam Allstars

The Spam Allstars perform at their electrodomesticos record release party on Friday, May 18, at Studio A, 60 NE 11th Street, Miami. Doors open at 10:00 p.m. Call 305-358-7625, or visit

And if supporting the latest from your favorite homegrown heavies isn't reason enough to get you dancing downtown, consider a) the first 50 through the door for this party get a free disc, b) the 'stars will be marking the occasion with a brand new clip, and c) the bash is at Studio A, the very best place to catch cool.

Need we swing more?


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