The Seven Ravers You Meet at Ultra Music Festival

Woah, wait a minute. What happened this weekend?

We thought we were in Miami. But as soon as we crossed over

Biscayne Boulevard we found ourselves in the middle of EDM insanity.

We were surrounded by thousands of colorful, crazy-eyed people-creatures. Some of them

had furry ears and tails, some of them had furry legs, and some of them had

totally lost their faces.

When we woke up this morning, we found pictures of these

strange characters all over our phone. But who were these people? Let's take a closer look at seven of Ultra Music Festival's most fascinating characters.

The Seven Ravers You Meet at Ultra Music Festival

Kandi Kids

Strangely, most of these colorful "kids" are old enough to

feel weird dressed up like anime characters on crack. But a place like Ultra

doesn't judge, and these party warriors have likely been at their antics for

years. They're pretty much harmless, but watch out before you eat any of their

goodies, those aren't mentos they're poppin.

The Seven Ravers You Meet at Ultra Music Festival

Neon Brosteppers

These bright figures of ripped masculinity roamed the green

lawns of Ultra Festival in total abundance. Everywhere you looked, you saw

another bro dressed like a hipster from 2006. Decked in all kinds of crazy

colored tight pants, neon tank tops and futuristic sunglasses, these bros couldn't

wait to get down to Kaskade. Fucking rage!

The Seven Ravers You Meet at Ultra Music Festival


You can tell this kind by their usually long and slightly unkempt

hair. They're kind of like the hippies of the rave world, as in they're really

sweet people but often times they could use a shower. All the real bassheads

finished their Sunday smoking that la listening to Bassnectar, or they're just

not really bassheads.

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