The scumfrog

As far as new-school remixers go, Dutch-born, New York-based producer the Scumfrog is one of the best. His tracks, typified by standout work for David Bowie ("Loving the Alien"), Missy Elliott ("Pass That Dutch"), and Kylie Minogue ("Love At First Sight"), and collected on 2003's Extended Engagement, are sharp enough to earn the respect of electronic and dance aficionados as well as pop fans eager to hear their favorite artists in a club context. But these days, the Scumfrog is promoting his own work, specifically his solo debut, Simmer. Though lacking the easy, memorable choruses that mark his pop remixes, many of the cuts, particularly "Come On" and "One Thing," have catchy hooks and strong 4/4 rhythms. Since many South Beach promoters haven't learned how to draw our celebrity-struck populace to major DJ performances, local appearances by a star of the Scumfrog's stature are usually low-key, catch-them-if-you-can affairs; his upcoming showcase at Amika is worth the effort.


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